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Sarny Feb. 15, 1940


Our dear ones!

I should write to you in Russian but I am not very good in the Russian language even though I am a Russian citizen.  This letter I’ll write in Polish.  Dear ones we had a very hard time for awhile but now thank G-d everything is good.  I would like to write much more but I don’t know if this letter will get to you.  So far it is quiet.  We have very nice new people.  Very simpatico and hopefully there will not be any more war.


The only bad thing is that Fedia is not with us and who knows when we’ll see him.  We had one letter from him and he asked us to send him 10 marks.  We did but we don’t know if he received them.  Please, maybe you can send him some money from America because our mail is not regular.  


We are all fine.  We are waiting for the end of the war.  I am working little and after the war I might change my profession.  I am so sorry that I never came to you.  I have to end the letter because I don’t know if we are allowed to write long letters.  When I get an answer from you, I will write a longer letter.


Stay well.  Kissing you strongly.

Your sister Basia

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