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Amazingly in 2011, 14 letters surfaced sent by Bronia, her aunt Basia, her grandparents, father, mother, and sister to relatives in the US.  The letters were written in 1939, 1940, and 1941.  Some letters were written in Yiddish, other Russian, a few in Polish, and many had notes from several people using different languages.

May 8, 1939

Letter from Fedia

Sarny Feb. 15, 1940

Our dear ones!

I should write to you in Russian but I am not very good in the Russian language even though I am a Russian citizen.  This letter I’ll write in Polish.  

February 15, 1940

Letter from Basia

April 16, 1940

Letter from Basia

October 9, 1941

Letter from Basia with notes from Ola, Bronia and Bella. Written in Krasnodar.

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