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1942-45 in the Gulowska forest where the four Bronkesh brothers survived.

Manashe, Sane, Beryl

(taken in Poland after the war)

Sam’s life after the Nazi invasion of Ryki

To get a feel for what happened to Sam (Sane) and his family after the Nazi occupation of Ryki, we visited the munitions factory site in Stawy where Sam worked as conscripted labor, the camp in Deblin where his brothers and sister worked as conscripted labor and the vast woods that sheltered the four brothers for two years when they were Partisans.  Their sisters were taken to a death camp and murdered.


Listen to Sam talk about living in the woods with his brothers and about 40 other Jews.  These clips are taken from interviews done in the mid-1980‘s. Just click the triangle below each drawing (the incredible drawings below were made by a Polish Partisan known as Horshati who joined up with the Bielski brothers featured in the movie Defiance). To see a document attesting to Partisan participation of Beryl Bronkesh, click here.

Partisans prepare explosives to disrupt German trains bringing supplies

Guard duty at night

Horshati removes lice from his trousers while relieving himself in the woods - winter 43/44

The Partisans prepare a campsite in the woods - June 43

“We were living like mice and rats, in the ground.  We dug bunkers, 40 men one atop the other.  Some days we got to eat, some time not.  Every couple of weeks we go to a different neighborhood.  I don’t want nobody to see us.  We blew up a bridge here, blew up the train here… then we go 30 miles in a different direction.”

Partisan medal awarded to Sam Bronkesh by Israeli Government

In Loving Memory

Sam Bronkesh Z”L who died on July 6, 1998 / 12th of Tamuz, 5758

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