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Letter from Sarny April 16, 1940

Sent to siblings in US from Basia Pasman

Sarny, April 16, 1940


Dear one!

We received your telegram.  I am happy that you are all well.  We do not have any letters from Fedia.  Who knows the reason why.  We would be happy if he was with us.  Who knows how he is or if he is alive?  I am working at home according to my qualifications.  There is little work to do however I’m not worried.  If I am not able to find work for my qualifications, I will find something else.  I have a lot of friends here and they are nice people. Sarny is very boring - we should try to get to a big city.


Tomorrow, dear Sonia, I will write you a long letter; a separate letter and I will write about things I want to share about myself.  Our life here is normal.  Please write to us often. I hope everything will be all right.  We will write you back.  As you can see, I can write in Russian pretty decently already.  I hope over time I will become completely literate.


Stay well.  Kissing all of you.

Your Basia


I am sending you best wishes and kisses.  We are here all well.  Yours Ola. Shaya and children all say hello.

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